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Ok, hacer esto bien xD Me llamo Yisbelle -Si, es mi nombre real!- Pero me dicen Hizaki, o Dalian... Tengo 18 años y vivo en un pueblito alejado llamado Ponyland!... Ok no u///u Vivo en Chile, en Valparaíso...
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Me gusta dibujar, escribir, leer, tomar fotos, y los animales. Soy Lolita, Vegetariana, Bipolar, uke... en serio, MUY uke .//.U .etc
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" No soy la mejor dibujante del mundo, pero me esfuerzo, je~"
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Tiendo a ser algo infantil y mala c: y nose u////u si quieren saber algo de yo, dar una opinión, pedir consejos, dar consejos, un chocolate, o simplemente conversar, dejen un ask :3 *Si sigues y quieres tu follow back, deja ask y te sigo ^^ Be happy!~~ ~

Special talk session: Alejandro Jodorowsky & Kyo, Rolling Stones June


Alejandro Jodorowsky, who is currently 85, came to Japan to promote his documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune” and his first new release since 23 years “The dance of reality”. We present you an interview in the form of a conversation between Jodorowsky and Kyo (DIR EN GREY/sukekiyo), who declared himself a big fan of a director. It became a precious talk session between a superior/isolated master and heretic musician.

Kyo: About 10 years ago I found a black video in my house that had no label. I was cleaning my room at the time, I thought “What the?” - I played the video and that way I saw for the first time your “Holy Mountain”. I was already drawn into it since the opening, I thought “what’s …?!” and was really shocked, before I noticed the movie was finished, my head became a total mess (laugh). Since then I’m a huge fan. I only learnt after a while that it’s a work made before I was even born… that  was another shock.

Alejandro Jodorowsky: Even thought I was involved as a producer with “Holy Mountain”, for about 30 years there were some problems and this film couldn’t be screened. Other producers than me didn’t want to show it to anyone, didn’t want to watch it. Then, I had a video, so I had it dubbed and distributed it as a bootleg. That’s why you also could watch it. It’s good that I did it (laugh).

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